Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Mighty Flowering Crab Apple

Flowering Crab Apple ( Malus )
The Flowering Crab Apple has long been one of my favorite flowering trees in the spring time. I can still remember noticing our neighbors tree as a young kid. There are several different varieties with several different colors and sizes. Sargent Crab apples are less in size while the one pictured here is just about at full maturity of 24 feet.  Check the specimen for disease resistant while purchasing. Also good pruning habits will help with air circulation and result in less apple scap, causing early leaf dropping.    

Viburnum lantana.
This Viburnum would appear to have snow balls on it. This plant is very adaptable to different locations and soil matter. It can grow up to 15 feet high and will have a heavy orange fruit in late summer.Several varieties will have a very fragrant flower to them. It can be planted in groupings our in a single specimen as it is here. Responds well to pruning if you need to control the size, other wise this plant is a non stop winner.  
Red Bud

 The Eastern Red Bud is the most magnificent of all flowering trees in the Spring. When matched with other specimens in the landscape this tree sticks out like a sore thumb, but a beautiful sore thumb. Flowers first appear on leaf less branches and shines up any spot in it's territory. It does how ever have weak crotches and will split at bad spots of the tree leaving it looking awkward. This one here is planted on the edge of a grove of trees giving it a little more protection from the elements. We do have four more that we had cabled together and were still damaged in the October snow storm.  
Orange Emperor

 These Orange Emperor tulips were planted on the side of a building several years ago and have developed into a blanket of orange with each plant having several flower buds. Although we should have split these up, they have seemed to thrive just the way they are. We let them die back fully to recapture all its energy for the next year. Also these were planted in very sandy soils where they have had a better chance to develop a great root system to sustain itself.

Bruce Springsteen and some of his E Street band mates
Mary and I have seen Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band 7 times and I do not think any of the shows were any better then the other. They all however were great. Mary says that the show at the Times Union Center in Albany on Monday night was his best show that we have seen. Here we did get a pretty good picture from the nose bleeds. But still a great show and the E Street band is still legendary. Also a great tribute to Clarence Clemons with the last song of the night 10th avenue freeze out. I noticed that a lot of folks brought there younger kids with them to the show. May- be cause it was spring break or may-be because they want there kids to learn a cultural and political lesson from this great New Jersey rocker who always has a song for the working man. Any ways if you have not caught a Springsteen show I suggest you do, even if you are not a fan, it's a great experience and the band put out the music with precision. Often times you think that you are listening to a C.D. the band is so clear and powerful. And of course Bruuuuuce!

     It is still very dry and everything needs water. We do finally have a chance for rain over the week end, but we really need a good soaking rain. I'll do my rain dance tomorrow. Also it is a good time to get down step one on the lawn before the rain. Stay tuned for a new poll and preview annual flowers.

                                                               Eddie Pags, C.G.M.

P.S.  The American Bandstand won't be the same with out America's teenager Dick Clark.

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