Monday, March 19, 2012

Special Edition - Florida

  As our trip to Florida approached I reminded myself of all the different plants and trees we would be seeing. But not being in the state of Florida for a few years I tend to forget just how many different varieties of Palm trees there are. Here this palm tree makes a perfect accent to the street and the rest of the hard scape settings. Also the bark is a lot smoother then other varieties.

   This triple leader Palm looks to be low growing and can act as a border, Several species exists and and landscape designers have plenty to choose from. Sago Palms seem to be very popular as well as Mediterranean Fan Palms and Queen Palms. Also there is plenty growing in the wild that look like Needle Palms. And again, all growing in different heights and sizes. All kinds of  different shaped palms and various bark. Also different colors of green that are almost blue

I fell in love with the bouganvilla. I hope I am spelling this right because every time I looked it up it is spelled differently. This plant is a native to South America. It grows in thorny vines that is usually pest free. Some are grown up a trellis and some are formed to create a hedge like wall. It seems to have a endless flowering event. The leaf tissue as pictured here is shaped like a Lilac, but much softer as is the same with the flower. The thorns will create a little maintenance issue, but will also keep creatures out. Aphids and snails do like this plant however. I wonder if I can grow one here indoors?

Sunset in Boca Grande
Many plants that are grown out doors in Florida are popular indoors plants here in the North. In fact that will be a great story next January when I typically visit green houses.

Yes this is why they call it the Sunshine State!!!!

Spring is certainly here now, wait a little longer before you put down Fertilizer with crab grass control, it is still to early. If you want to try and green up the lawn a bit you can hit it with straight fert, or split your step one in half. Most people say when the forsythia is in bloom put down crab grass control. I say at the end of the forsythia bloom is a better chance of getting good coverage. Well until next time good luck this spring.

                                                                 Edward Pagliaro C.G.M.

P.S. Next issue, A real Springfield giant and The Circle gang.

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